welcomeHello! And welcome! My name is Siobhán and I am a yoga teacher and writer living in Vancouver, BC. I became a yoga teacher in 2010 after many MANY years in childcare – a career I enjoyed but was ready to move on from after over 20 years in the baby biz.

I absolutely love what yoga has taught me  – mostly about living simply (a never ending goal)  – and genuinely love the time I spend with my students in class.
I hardly consider teaching yoga a “job”. I no longer work 50 hours a week like I did when I was in child care, and I am actually excited to return to work after any holiday (something I am free to do whenever I want due to the freelance nature of teaching).
I am very passionate about making life what I want it to be – i.e. living MY  own dreams and not someone else’s. I do not believe we are meant to trudge through life working at a job we hate to buy stuff we don’t need.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????More often than not, life is a lot less serious than we make it out to be, and finding happiness a lot easier than we think. My blog, A Simple Blue Bucket, is where I spill my thoughts and views on living simply and with passion.
I am thrilled you have stopped by and look forward to interacting with you here – and hopefully meeting you in real life one day!
xo Siobhán