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Love, Grace, Joy and Kindness

Wrap yourself up in love, grace, joy and kindness. Give so much of these things to yourself, that you can’t help but share love, grace, joy and kindness with the those you meet. These are words I often speak in prayer at the end of class, right before we say “Namaste”.  Loving ourselves is the best gift we can give and ultimately receive. When we love ourself whole heartedly, when we allow ourself to feel joy, when we offer ourself grace and kindness even when we feel we don’t deserve it, we can’t help but be a person who freely gives this...

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What I Love About Yoga Teacher Training

I am very much looking forward to my next 200 hour yoga teacher training with Yogacara Global. Fellow teacher Janet Ward and I leave for Formentera, Spain in just 6 weeks (Eep!!) to co-lead a group of eager students on their path to becoming a certified yoga teacher. I LOVE leading yoga teacher trainings. I love getting down to the basics of what yoga is and what it can do for you. I love the enthusiasm of the students and the inspiration I get from them for my own practice and my regular, weekly teaching when back home. I love...